random wrap up PT 1

I do something about every two weeks or so (this time just about three) on Facebook that I think I should share with my kittens on here. Just like a little breif wrap up of what the hell I’ve been up to. Its usually a little more uplifting/intresting- today aint that day 🙂

In the past 20 days I’ve


Spent an entire day travelling

Felt Disneyesque romance

Slept on the phone like I was some sort of teenage kitten

Visited our nation’s capital

Realized it was nothing but the blood of Jesus that kept me from stomping a hole in someone’s behind

Was stuck in DC

Was rescued by my good friend Kat and her Fiancé Candis

Had a first kiss

Kept quiet when I shouldn’t have

Wouldn’t shut up when perhaps I should’ve

Forgave someone who didn’t ask for forgiveness

Cooked for my friends

Smiled when I rather have screamed

Made things unnecessarily difficult


 more on all of this to come!

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