The demise of Little Miss Asshole

As I stated in my last entry she and I were winding down. Her snarky comments really started to cut deep and be reminiscent of the days of little miss crazytown (my ex). Mama thought it was ok to say stuff like “you ain’t goin nowhere” I’m not really sure how she could even feel comfortable saying some shit like that considering we weren’t together and were physically 2,000 miles apart….NEWS FLASH it doesn’t take much effort for me to quit you given the facts. Oh btw I tried to keep her totally anonymous but she had a minor blow up via twitter I laughed, that was bitchy of me but….. Blah I don’t care, yet.

So in short whatever that was is now done. No more Lil Miss Asshole. I hope we can be cool again one day, like july 2014.

Exit Little Miss Asshole: Enter Little Miss Love Song

Little Miss Asshole

“Dating” that’s a tricky phrase, one I’m not fully comfortable using but I couldn’t find a better one so whatever. Today I’m going to introduce you guys to Lil Miss Asshole. She is someone I went to school with, we’ve always been cool. As of March we kinda sparked a lil romance or whatever. The only major hang up with said romance is that she lives across the country so it’s a romance of the phone variety. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let me talk to you for real.

Little Miss Asshole is just that: an asshole. She is what I like to call a lady boy. She isn’t a full on “stud” she wears male clothing but she’s hella feminine outside of that. Mama is facially gifted, had a recent weight loss, and is employed. Those three things in her opinion make her God’s gift; and as one might imagine that doesn’t sit too well with me. Little Miss Asshole has worked hard to earn this name; she is reckless with her mouth and has no filter which is fun, but not when it comes to matters of the heart. I do care for her but not in a way that is easy for me, she wasn’t planned and I’m starting to feel a little pressure to settle down. Settling would be cool if she lived in Georgia, she knew how to talk to me, and if I was fully over the hurt that my ex (Little miss Crazytown) caused. I mean it was all good just a week ago (more like 3 weeks ago but I’m always eager to quote Ye) I feel a bit awful cause she would be a good girlfriend no doubt about it but I’m not ready for that and 1/2 the reasons aren’t her fault; dont get me wrong the other 1/2 are totally her fault. Such is life though, right?

Till next time

Little Miss Lesbo

Secret Society Atlanta

Last weekend My Turn Up Twin (SUPE) And I went out to Secret Society ATL’s debut party at Fins Restaurant and Lounge. It was a cute crowd considering it was their opening night, and you know how late Atlanta lesbians can be when it comes to trying new shit. Secret Society ATL is my Homegirl Paulette’s brain child so I was down to go, support, promote… whatever. When she told me my FAV DJ, DJ baby YU was spinning I was all in!

So this is a party they plan to have once monthly for the grown (not ancient) set, I can honestly say no one showed up looking stupid or in late fashions. We had a good time! Come next time if you’re in the Atlanta area. I’m totally on board with this movement so I will keep yall posted.

me and supe

who the fuck is this bitch?!

I’m… Well, you can call me E.J- I’ve been sorta single since September of 2012 prior to my new single life I was totally committed to a shithead of a girlfriend for nearly 3 years. She wasn’t the absolute worst; however, she wasn’t worth the heartache. I’ve been dating, making a few new connections, moving chicks in and I have had some pretty interesting encounters while cruising the black lesbian scene in Atlanta, GA. I thought it would be fun to kinda chronicle my lezzie life, you know- dates, crazy bitches, phone conversations, clubbing, time with my friends and maybe even the occasional good girl (hell a girl can hope, right?)

I will try my best to update when update worthy shit happens, audio, video you know- whatever. You should follow my journey I’m funny as fuck. Let me warn you- I cuss a lot and my punctuation is all over the place; but trust me this will be a good time. I will keep all the girls I see anonymous and they will be referred to as “Little Miss (insert what stands out about them). I’m far from a mac or even a player- I’m single and I do as a please. If in my “lescapades” I find someone to settle down with that’s cool- I am after all a hopeFUL romantic. I can’t always promise the shit I say will be 100% accurate but it’s totally how I see it.lil miss selfie