I’m… Well, you can call me Ella. I’ve been single since September of 2012 prior to my new single life I was totally committed to a shithead of a girlfriend (Little Miss Crazytown) for nearly 3 years. She wasn’t the absolute worst; however, she caused a shitton of  heartache. I’ve been dating, making a few new connections and I have had some pretty interesting encounters while cruising the black lesbian scene in Atlanta, GA.  I thought it would be fun to kinda chronicle my lezzie life, you know- dates, crazy bitches, phone conversations, clubbing, time with my friends and maybe even the occasional good girl (hell a girl can hope, right?)

I will try my best to update when update worthy shit happens, audio, video you know- whatever. You should follow my journey I’m funny as fuck. Let me warn you- I cuss a lot and my punctuation is all over the place; but trust me this will be a good time. I will keep all the girls I see anonymous and they will be referred to as “Little Miss (insert what stands out about them). I’m far from a mac or even a player- I’m single and I do as a please. If in my “lescapades” I find someone to settle down with that’s cool- I am after all a hopeFUL romantic.

I will promote movements in the “life” that I see it for, I hope to be able to get some round table discussions and some vlogs up too! I’m excited as hell about this.

I can’t always promise the shit I say will be 100% accurate but it’s totally how I see it.

email: THELittleMissLesbo (at) Gmail (dot) com

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Little Miss Lesbo

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