trouble dont last

I know some of y’all read my post and think “ain’t no way she is really going through this for real”- by the way I do! While others of you may read my posts and think “She deserves a good woman” I do, don’t I?! Since Little Miss Daddy’s (LMD) sudden exit from my life I really wasn’t in the mood to date. I knew I needed to reevaluate the type of woman I was allowing in my world in a romantic capacity. I focused on my health, business and hair (all are flourishing-thank you!) When I had almost gotten used to being unattached… someone very special enters. This post isn’t really to tell y’all all about my new lil baby; it’s more or less to talk about good karma.

Seriously speaking, dating fuckboi after fuckboi will take a toll on even the strongest of women. They all weren’t the same type of fuckboi. Some of them were subcategories to fuckbois including but not limited to: asshats, whores, fucktards, and emotional infants. Even after dealing with the shits if I decided to deal with a woman I make sure I NEVER hold her responsible for what anyone else did. I deep down believe in love and kept hope alive that one day by the grace of God a good woman would come into my life. I ignored naysayers who told me to lower my moral standards and just be a ho like everyone else.

Then out of nowhere I meet a super nice woman who is from the Bay Area (bae is from The Bay) she is hella kind, made of high moral fiber, smart. I’m not writing this to brag or anything. I’m just fucking happy not to be dealing with an asshat! Good karma is a real thing

till next time


my feelings to song (sorta, well the hook)