Single Black Female

Being single like a dollar bill has taught me a lot! I’ve learned that being alone won’t be the be the death of me and that in this time of romantic solitude I’ve had time to make up a fictitious character based on all the encounters I’ve had both good and bad with these girls. Rather than naming each desirable trait from every girl I’ve dated, crushed on or a sexy friend and subsequently getting an unbearable amount of texts and calls demanding an explanation of my choices I thought I’d do something a little more fun. Why not make a quick little faux singles ad—eeek!

SBLF (single black lesbian femme) NISObiifhic (not in search of- but if I find her its cool) a woman who is damn near brilliant. Must love walks to the park and playing at the playground. An appreciation for tea and tea time is preferred. Must make love to me as if your life depends on it! Please taste like a delicious calorie free snack and allow me to explore your body as though it’s a new world. An extensive lexicon is considered to be of importance as I am a wordsmith. Must enjoy homemade gourmet foods and have an adventurous palate because I am a culinary beast. A woman who is physically female but internally is more like a gay man seems to fit me well; you know,someone I could be submissive with but still tries a little tenderness.  A love of Anita baker would help you understand my heart’s truest feelings. Artsy chicks are preferential I don’t care what art moves you most. While being classically attractive is nice- an acquired taste appeal is more my jam. Let’s talk aesthetics: I love an interesting mouth-, large lips, big teeth, Big mouth or perhaps an overbite will make me swoon so long as the teeth are well groomed, white and straightish. I personally am a girl who is considered a full figured; my thighs are besties and I am quite short (meaty if you will). I prefer my women to be slender (like vegetables). I’ll bring the meat, you bring the veggies! MOST IMPORTANT: Please have your soul in order- spiritually void need not apply! I’ve taken the time to repair the cracks in my foundations; so, naturally I’d require the same in a potential suitor; if not yet repaired please have plans for renovations!

Ha! What a wonderful world this would be if this could actually be posted for the single lezzies to see and ONE woman who I’d find to be desirable, would read this AD and be witty enough to get me! But alas, my trumped up desires are far too lofty for real life; this I know. While perfection in love would be ideal- I’m mature enough to know love takes time to achieve all around goodness and perfection is rare. The “hopeful romantic” is losing hope y’all- blahhhh! I may never find a love that’s “right” and I’m learning to be okay with that

till next time


my feelings are best expressd through song: sorry no official video not even with all the remakes

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