And then There Were Three


As I previously told you guys I’m going through an Anti-Social phase (lets pray it’s a phase). I really don’t enjoy being around people in the magnitude in which I used to- its not that they’ve done anything to me in particular; it just like my spirit seems to be in a state of unrest while I’m in an atmosphere where there’s just tons of people no matter how well I know them. This is problematic for a girl who has a group of friends say about…. 15-23 deep. Sounds cray-I know. I have a group of friends who are insanely talented, beautiful, sickening, and witty really and truly all around wonderful people for the most part. We take birthdays quite seriously we all get up effortlessly throw on something gagworthy and do whatever it is that the birthday girl/boy has planned (usually all weekend long). It’s a fun, Instagram worthy time almost every time we all get together- and birthdays?! (eye roll) Honey… they’re just magical.

This birthday was a bit different, well at least for me. Let me give y’all a little history: I was born on the First of April (yes, some people call it April Fool’s Day) AND my absentee father (God rest his soul) died on my 20th Birthday making my birthday even more of a historical shitshow. I go out of my way to ensure my birthday is something amazing yearly- because… that’s how I was raised, it’s MY day and it’s like New Year’s Day for just Me (and whoever else has my birthday). I sent out my b-day invites via text with some loose ass haphazard plans for the Saturday before my birthday that kind of made it clear I wasn’t really celebrating in my normal manner; nonetheless I expected a turnout of 15-20 people cause that just how we do. I began to get “not gunna make it girl” texts and calls  for various valid reasons midday of the celebration and it soon settled in that this year was going to be totally different.

Long story short I celebrated my birthday with three people who I appreciate so stankin much My little Baby Cousin Shalaya, Our friend Tweek and our newest friend Malibu. I didn’t even have time to get in my feelings cause it wasn’t the fanfare I was accustomed to cause these clowns made sure I had a good time. We drank my specialty cocktail OTIS had pizza and shots, danced, laughed our asses off talked about everything from vagina lips to what it is to be a DAB (down ass bitch) On my actual birthday I worked, I got the usual  text/calls/ tweets etc but the only person who made time to really fuck with me was Malibu. I’ve wanted my septum pierced since like 2007 but never had the balls to do it- So we went to get my septum pierced (midlife crisis much?) then I cooked my favorite meal for us partially to show her my gratitude partially cause I wanted Chilean Sea Bass, lobster/ avocado eggrolls and salad with Scallops and feta with a cute mango dressing.

So um….Happy New Ee-jay (the new year for me) I’m not upset with the ones who didn’t come through- I’m just so appreciative to the ones who did. I’m getting too grown to keep doing shit the same way anyhow. No better way to start new practices than New Years day right?

Till next time


My feelings are best described through song … Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday special- thank you for being a friend






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